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Chongqing UBO Made Debut at CWIEME Berlin 2024

Chongqing UBO Made Debut at CWIEME Berlin 2024

First-day Exhibition Witnesses Dozens of Corporate Inquiries


By Chongqing UBO team


Berlin, May 14, 2024-- World's largest professional exhibition CWIEME BERLIN 2024 (The Coil Winding, Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition 2024) was grandly held From May 14 to 16 at Messe Berlin. Chongqing UBO Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.(Chongqing UBO) made debut as a Chinese exhibitor in this event. On the first day of the exhibition, Chongqing UBO harvests dozens of potential corporate inquiries.


CWIEME BERLIN 2024 held From May 14 to 16 at Messe Berlin


Chongqing UBO's booth attracted numerous users and researchers of insulation materials and products from more than fifteen countries on the first day. Together with these guests, both parties explored potential cooperation opportunities, and further exchanged in-depth ideas on a series of issues, including mutual supply and demand.



Visiting guests and UBO team carried out in-depth talks on specific cooperation issues


During these discussions, UBO team introduced the company, products and manufacturing processes. After watching the on-site promotional video, and carefully examing the product samples, the insulation users and researchers expressed high recognition and strong interest in collabration. Many visiting companies conducted in-depth and detailed talks with UBO team on specific cooperation matters, such as quality standards, product traceability and production cycles. Some visiting companies expressed their desire to visit Chongqing UBO very soon.


Visitors watching the UBO Company video at UBO booth

In order to participate in this international exhibition, UBO Electric carefully created a corporate promotion video and organized a professional team. Team members included R&D personnel, sales managers and supply management professionals who provided on-site guests with a full range of services, Introduction and Q&A.


UBO team at the booth

CWIEME Berlin is a premier international exhibition for coils, motors, transformers, generators and new energy vehicle supply chains. It has decades of glorious history and represents the forefront of the global electrical engineering field and market.


Chongqing UBO fully considered Chongqing unique characteristics in his booth design and promotion video design. In addition to displaying the company, it is committed to promote a Good Chongqing Image and tell good story about China. In addition to business discussions, UBO team took the opportunity to fully introduce Chongqing and Chongqing culture to many overseas customers, further enhancing Chongqing Image and arouse international visitors’ interest in Chongqing.


UBO booth and UBO Company video with Chongqing Characteristics




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