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crepe paper
crepe paper crepe paper

crepe paper

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Product Attributes :

Creped Papers are suitable for irregular shapes and surfaces where normal insulation materials failes to reach, used in magnet wire, layer, current transformers, RIP bushings or as shielding material

Product Description

Crepe paper tape is one of the most important solid insulation materials used in transformers. 

Its quality directly influences the life span of the transformer. Even though the base kraft paper is impregnated with liquids to manufacture creped kraft paper,

 the porosity of the paper remains intact due to the automatic temperature and moisture control by the automated machine. 

The mechanical as well as cross mechanical strength is enhanced as compared to the base kraft paper. The pH value remains intact, 

a little more towards acidic as preferred in transformer insulation. The BDV is enhanced by up to 80% as compared to base kraft paper. 

To ensure of best quality of Crepe paper, the base kraft paper is manufactured using longer fibers of pure wood pulp. 

This base paper is chemically neutral with low ash, chloride and sulphide content.

Note:The other size can be supplied according to customers' requests.


Crepe paper tubes are produced from base papers weighing 25 - 180 g/m2 (15 -111 lbs/ream) and have an elongation of between 15 to 300 %. They are available in master rolls of up 1200 mm and in slit width in a big variety of customer specified inside and outside diameters. Some of the grades are also traverse wound.

standard length:1000 mm 
Inner diameter *outer diameter:4*6, 4*8, 6*9, 7*8, 7*9, 7*10, 8*10, 10*12, 11*12, 11*13, 11*14, 12*16, 13*14, 13*16, 14*16, 14*17, 16*19, 18*21,20*25, 34*38, 46*50, 68*72mm 
Basic paper:0.05mm(0.35mm) and 0.075mm(0.45mm) 
Grade:class A (105 °C) 
Features: Creped papers are ideally suited to insulate irregular shapes and surfaces where a proper insulation can not be reached with flat papers.Specialities were developed for application as magnet wire insulation,as layer insulation,in current transformer,in RIP bushing or as shielding material. 
Note:The other size can be supplied according to customers' requests 

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